Losing that unwanted body fat and getting into that sexy shape can be a hard task. Choosing the methods for effective shedding of the stubborn weight can even be worse.

Getting into the best possible shape can be achieved through some aerobic activities. There is a wide range of aerobic methods available to choose from, and depending on your needs, you can go for the most suitable methods that work for your body.

Cardio Exercise Running

What Are the Best Cardio Exercises for Fat Loss?

1. Walking

To lose the stubborn weight through light exercises, consider walking on an occasional basis. Walking is a light aerobic exercise that can burn up to 400 calories in an hour implying walking daily for at least 3 hours can play a big role to the weight loss process.

This is one of the best cardio for fat loss especially for beginners, people with injuries and those who cannot handle heavy exercises like people suffering from worse cases of obesity. Walking might not be one of the best methods due to its low intensity compared to other methods but it is quite effective if one can adjust the walking rates by the progress of the exercising days.

Walking Can Be Applicable in the Following Circumstances:

  • Fat burning in people with obesity
  • Impact activities for the injured
  • Moderate activities for recovery purposes
  • Build up to more intense exercises

2. Running

Skipping rope for aerobic exerciseThis is a much higher intensity exercise that enables one to burn up to 600 calories per hour. Is is among the best cardio for fat loss and one of the widely used methods in burning the stubborn fat off the body. It does not only impact the weight loss process but also improve the cardio-respiratory fitness of an individual. Running stimulates the metabolism rates for a longer period, effective for fat burning.

Running Is a Beneficial Form of Cardio for the Following Purposes:

3. Skipping Ropes

This is one of the most overlooked cardio for fat loss method by most individuals seeking to lose weight. It is even better than walking and running by far. With skipping of ropes, you can burn around a whole 1000 calories in an hour, a figure that is both the combination of running and walking. If done correctly, skipping ropes can add definition of calves and shoulders it intensifies on these muscle groups. You are guaranteed of burning much fat in a shorter period with this method if you are committed to losing weight. You can come up with a routine that works best for you.


The above are just some of the best cardio for fat loss methods. There are various methods out there but these can be applicable to both the beginners and advanced users. Moreover, they are home-based exercises. It is however, important to note that exercises alone cannot lead to maximum results and therefore, watching diet and enough relaxation are critical too. And just like how college students use nootropics (pastillas para la inteligencia en espanol) for optimal performance during study sessions, you should consider a pre and post supplement to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

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