Picking The Best Men Shoes For Walking

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Do you love walking? If so, you will need good shoes for your walks. This is especially important if you walk long distances every day.

When you are walking, all your weight rests on your feet. This can be stressing for your arches and your heels. To ensure that you do not suffer flat feet and other conditions caused by or aggravated by poor support and protection for the feet, ensure that you have the best walking shoes for men.

Picking The Best Men Shoes For Walking

Consider Arch Support

Whether you have a low, high or no arch, you will need to offer your arch enough support, especially when walking. Without support, the arch is stressed, and you might end up tearing the tendons in your feet.

The insole will determine the support your arch receives. Walking shoes, just like running shoes are made with special insoles to accommodate different feet. To ensure you have what fits you perfectly, test your arch to identify its type. This will ensure that you know the kind of arch your feet requires before buying any shoe.

With wet feet, step on a cemented floor and observe the footprint. A full footprint means no arch, a nonexistent center part means a high arch, and a slightly thick footprint means you have a low arch.

The shape of the insole should match your arch. For those with flat feet, or no arch, ensure you get maximum support. Besides having enough support, individuals should ensure the shoe feels comfortable.

Flexibility and Waterproofing

The best walking shoes for men should be flexible. This is why you will not get a good running and walking shoe made of leather as this material takes ages to break in. With a flexible shoe, you can walk for miles without affecting your walking style.

If you wear a rigid shoe that is not designed for your type of feet or for long distance walking, your feet will suffer. Ergo, ensure that you have a shoe that feels flexible while still offering enough ventilation to reduce sweating.

The shoe should be cushioned for comfort without affecting its support and how breathable it is.

Shoes for Special Feet Conditions

Most people who are overweight have flat feet, a condition where a person has no arch. In such instances, support is more important that cushioning. There are shoes designed specifically for such conditions.

If you have plantar fasciitis, ensure that you get the special shoes designed for your condition. Popular brands have designed the best walking shoes for men for these conditions. If you are torn between the best brand to buy for walking shoes, check out this comparison page.

What Factors Make the Best Walking Shoes for Men?

Which Shoe is the Best?

While buying the best shoes for walking, you should not forget to consider the basic factors such as shoe size and price. It would not make sense to have a shoe that supports your arch, but does not fit well. If you are shopping from a local store, try the shoes out to ensure they feel comfortable when walking.

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