Cancer caused by tobacco useCancer is one of the world’s leading illnesses that is taking a toll on the lives of many individuals. The disease is non-communicable, but no one is free from becoming a victim of it. Different health practitioners and experts in cancer say that the whole human body is at risk of cancer except the hair and the fingers, so basically, no one is safe. Scientists and research analyst rely on the clinical cancer research done to identify the root causes of this disease, how to manage it and how to really prevent its adverse effects on our human health.

Cancer Research Findings

Through the clinical cancer research conducted by different health practitioners across the globe, this is the state of cancer in the world at the moment;

  • It is a group of diseases that is characterized by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells. There are about 100 different types of cancer that can affect any part of the human body.
  • Tobacco use is the largest cause of cancer, causing global deaths of 22% in cancer.
  • Over 2M cancers of the skin are diagnosed every year.
  • Around 77% of the cases of cancer are diagnosed in individuals over 55 years old.
  • Cancer is the second most killer disease in the world
  • Most cases of cancer in men are in prostate, lung, and colon while in women it is breast, lung, and colon.

These findings of the clinical cancer research done, prove that significant attention needs to be directed towards this rampant disease or else the cases might multiply until the disease becomes uncontrollable. Through the many research studies done, cancer, depending on what type of cancer is caused by the following;

  1. Genetics
  2. Smoking and tobacco
  3. What we eat and the physical activities
  4. The exposure to sun and other radiations
  5. Viruses and also other infections

When it comes to genetics, research on cancer indicates that some types of cancer run through families, but most of these cancer cells are not directly linked to the genes inherited from the parents.DNA Gene Mutations Caused by Cancer

Cancer is caused by changes (or mutations) to the DNA within cells in the human body. The changes caused in the DNA can impact the normal functions of the cells and thus making it become cancerous. The mutation causes the gene to instruct the affected cells to grow rapidly, fail to stop the growth of these cells and make mistakes in an attempt of repairing the DNA errors.


The scary cancer statistics and reports on the clinical cancer research done have influenced global campaigns aimed at fighting this deadly disease. More people are being encouraged to get tested in order to detect the early stages of cancer that can be treated. Some countries even offer free diagnosis and treatment of the early stages of this disease with other countries being equipped with necessary resources in fighting the disease. On a preventive measure, people are being encouraged to stay off the potential causes of cancer like quitting smoking, staying off intense sun radiations, keeping fit and watching what one eats among others.

If you or a loved one may be concerned about your risk of developing cancer, get tested today at your local testing facility. Learn more about cancer, disease, and other research information such as the latest Herpes Cure 2017 info at

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