Getting Fake Pee for a Drug Test

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What do you do with an impending urine drug test? Buy it!

Yes! You can use fake pee for a drug test!

Many people who use marijuana on the regular have jobs and interests they perfectly function at, regardless of their stoning habits. However, failing a drug test may render you with a label.

There are numerous urine kits that are used to pass drug tests all over the States. What’s more, you don’t need covert moves to get it – you simply order online! From a reliable seller.

What Is Fake Urine

Getting Fake Pee for a Drug TestFake urine is a liquid that is designed to mimic human urine, used to cheat drug tests.

The synthetic urine contains all the chemical components real urine has, like ammonia, proteins, urea, creatine and various expected metabolites (metabolites are chemical by-products of normal metabolic processes in the body).

Fake urine also mimics real urine in terms of appearance and smell.

Fake urine is available in kits, either as pre-mixed liquids or powders. Due to the nature of the chemicals in urine to oxidize, fake urine kits shouldn’t be stored for long periods.

Otherwise they may fail the analysis – you will be discovered, and the penalty of faking a drug test is immediate termination and probably prosecution in some states.

Ever Changing Compositions

As with all detection techniques, lab tests for urine have been changing over time. Labs are quickly catching up with the fake urine formulas, and the testing techniques change from time to time.

Thankfully, manufacturers are also keen on staying ahead of the game. Synthetic urine is ever evolving to avoid detection by the latest testing techniques.

This, however, calls for due diligence when buying a kit. First, research about the latest testing techniques used in labs.

This information you can get easily from the internet. Also, research on the newest formulations in the market. Older brands tend to be more accurate since they invest in new formulas every now and then.

Join a Stoner’s Community

Stoners are some of the most loyal people out there – they will share information freely about anything. You will benefit greatly from a marijuana users’ forum where they will share information on the best synthetic urine kits available on the market.

Stoners’ resource websites like will guide you on the best brands available, and will provide the most reliable sources of supply.

If you are the adventurous kind, you will find recipes on how to synthesize your own pee (which is much easier said than done!!

Just buy a kit online through!) Or you could find other online reliable e-commerce websites.

Pass the Test

using-fake-urine-to-pass-drug-testsWhether you use drugs recreationally or for medical purposes (like legal marijuana), you can still pass the test.

Reliable sites like will provide the best resources like synthetic urine brands, techniques for handling your fake samples and how to effectively pass the test.

Tips like keeping the samples warm or how to pretend to take a piss are numerous. Visit and pass the drug test.

We’ve decided to list this site because it’s an authority in drug testing topic. Go visit this site now to learn more!

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