How Do Cavities Form and How Can You Prevent Tooth Decay?

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Cavity PreventionKeeping your teeth preserved in that perfect pearly white glow that everyone loves can be tough to do. Let’s face it, we all have a sweet tooth from time to time or enjoy a nice coffee. However, these wonderful cravings can lead to stained teeth and eventually tooth decay or worse health issues.

How Are Cavities Formed?

Oral cavities are caused by infections with certain kinds of bacterias which use sugars in food items to create acids. Whenever a tooth is subjected to acidity frequently like when you eat or drink regularly, specifically beverages or foods comprising glucose and starches, the repetitive series of acid attacks makes the enameled surface lose minerals.

How Are Cavities Filled?

In adults, dental practitioners can use sealants on molars which have early on indications of dental cairies, so long as the decay hasn’t busted through the tooth enamel. When the enameled surface has become irreversibly jeopardized, your dentist will need to fill your tooth. In more severe circumstances, a root canal may very well be required.

Tooth Decay in Baby Teeth

These initial teeth function as space holders for permanent pearly whites, so losing a single tooth too early may cause positioning issues that will have to be remedied with braces for your teeth later.

What Are Braces?

Braces are the most prevalent kind of orthodontic treatment method. Treatment periods can differ depending on how rapidly one’s body reacts and just how much work is necessary to provide you with those pearly white’s you expect.

Braces for your teeth can be money well spent and is a long-term investment. Most often, they are applied to your teeth to correct teeth which have grown in uneven as well as to re-align the jaw bone.

Tooth DecayCavities After Braces

You ought to remember to brush for as long as it will take to completely clean the particles from each and every tooth. Two to three minutes is a great average brush time. It isn’t just how much you consume, but exactly how regularly you eat and brush that represents the greatest role in producing or protecting against cavities.

Tooth Decay in Youngsters

Most frequently, cavities are connected with kids because of the high consumption of caffeine and sugar. Children also will tend to avoid brushing and flossing their teeth when unsupervised.

Preventative dental care is the best way to avoid cavities in youngsters. Applying a regular brushing and oral hygiene regimen can help children to get in a normal oral healthcare routine.

Cavities in Adults

According to dentist long beach, in the past several years there’s been an escalating development of elevated enamel sensitivity and cavities in older adults. Sweet and starchy cravings for food in adults and seniors will make one’s teeth more prone to cavities.


Cavities occur in children, babies, and adults. There are many recorded dental records dating back to pre-civilization that record instances of cavities in other mammals.

The best way to prevent tooth decay and cavity formation is to implement a regular dental cleaning schedule. Starting your children on a dental cleaning regimen at an earlier age will promote preventative cavity measures.

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