What is Research?

Research by definition is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and resources in order to establish facts and to reach new conclusions. The three main purpose of research is to explain, to describe, and to explore. A research of the social science studies scientifically the human society and social relationships, meanwhile, the research for hard science and technology encompasses the innovations and advanced knowledge to improve the ways and means in the medical field.

Conducting a research is not that easy― it needs time, hard work and dedication, and fortune. Luckily, much of the research is funded by government grants, private companies, and non-profit organizations.

What is a research grant?
Grants are non-repayable funds to pay out by the government, private company or non-profit organization to a recipient who does hard science and technology and social science. The grant is obtained through a competitive process, where potential research are evaluated. The most promising and reputable research receives a research grant.

Research grants may be awarded to universities, medical and health care professionals, hospitals, research institutes, for profit organizations and government institution that sponsor and conduct research and development. The funds provided are intended for salaries, equipment, supplies, travel and other allowable direct costs of conducting the research.

What are the types of Research Grants?

  • R01: Research Project Grant 01
    The grant that is considered as the traditional grant mechanism, these grants are given to those reputable organizations on behalf of the researcher to facilitate pursuance of the research objective considering the research interest and competence of the researcher.
  • R15: AREA Grant
    Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) is a program that helps research in educational institutions and supports small-scale health-related research projects proposed by a faculty member of a reputable and eligible institution.
  • R21: Exploratory/Developmental Research (EDR) Grant Program
    By providing support for the early and conceptual stages of the research, this grant program intends to encourage the exploration and development of the research. A considerable risk that may lead to a breakthrough in a particular field or to the development of techniques, methodologies, models and applications could have a major impact on the biomedical, behavioral and clinical field of research.
  • P50: Clinical Research Center Grant
    Clinical research encompasses individuals with the disorder from another person. This grant is designed to advance the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of human communication disorders.

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