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Triathletes are the ones who engage in a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines, called triathlon. Triathlon, in its most popular form, involves the sports swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession over various distances. Because of these courses, triathlon provides a high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Triathletes have a chiseled abs, tanned torso, boundless energy, and more benefits that you cannot see and consider. Triathlon and its training offer many health benefits and some of them are:

Although you still have to watch what you eat– swimming, running and cycling are highly effective aerobic exercises that can trim down your calories.

Swimming place a minimal stress on the joints and cycling is easier than running. With this mix of weight-bearing and non-bearing activities reduce the risks of the triathlete of joint injury and pain.

Triathlon requires cross training, with this triathletes have a reduced risk of overuse injury. Cross-training also improves the stamina, athletic performance, and increased power, flexibility and stability.

Triathletes have a commitment to a healthy lifestyle thus it greatly increases productivity. They find a way to get their training in their schedule by breaking down each day into increments and maximizing their time.

The brain releases endorphins and a sense of invigoration stem to the body in motion, thus mood will undoubtedly prosper.

There are no doubts and negative thoughts in traction with the triathletes, they tackle the self-imposed physical and psychological barriers. Accomplishments aspire and make them want to do more.

Having a training plan is the key to flexibility within workouts thus maximum motivation is maintained. With the three disciplines of triathlon, common curses of boredom and burnout are far less likely.

Finishing a triathlon is a personal challenge, the adversity and rough patches triathletes go through in training and racing became a great way to go through the process of setting a goal, making a plan and seeing it through to completion.

Triathletes more likely to stick with their exercise regimen. Although, people have different reasons why they engage in triathlon the benefits are universal. Make sure that you can safely participate in aerobic activities, thus have your health check with your physician if you wish to begin with triathlon training.

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