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Exercising is a healthy habit that tones your muscles, strengthens the bones, improves blood circulation and regulates heart rate. Whether at home or at the gym, there are numerous machines that exist to help you exercise and stay fit. There are so many of this fitness equipment that they can be confusing for any starter.

Having the proper equipment will give your body support, protect vulnerable body parts, minimize injury and enhance the effectiveness of the exercise. The following abdominal exercise equipment can help set you off:

Ab Wheel Perfect For Ab Exercises At HomeAdjustable Sit-up Bench

This flexible machine is among the highly rated abdominal exercise equipment. It can be modified and calibrated to enhance or reduce the angle of the platform and resistance. Its versatility makes it ideal for both the beginners and the seasoned professionals. Beginners can set lower adjustments while the experienced ones can set higher adjustment levels up to their desired preference. The adjustable sit-up bench tones the abdominal core muscles by allowing for crunches, twisting and leg lifting and more.

Examples of sit-up benches include:
  • XMark 12 position
  • Stamina Pro Ab
  • Deltech Fitness
  • TKO Commercial FID

Ab Wheel

The Ab wheel equipment is good for the core abdominal muscles. It is ideal for the experienced individuals but can also be used by beginners who can start by gradually building endurance and stamina. It provides a complete workout for abdominal muscles especially the mid-section. You can train on the Ab wheel by beginning from a kneeling position and rolling the Ab wheel out and pulling it back inward on the floor. It may appear simple to use but it is highly effective in its training of core muscles.

Examples of Ab Wheel include:
  • CSX Dual Roller
  • PhysioRoom Double Abdominal Exercise
  • Elite Ab Roller
  • Bio Core Ab Roller

Ab Chair At Home For Abdominal ExercisesAb Chairs

These machines are made in such a way that it shields your back and most importantly, supports both the head and neck. They employ the folding and unfolding mechanism to tone your abdominal muscles. Ab chairs are suitable mostly for beginners. The jack-knife design enhances the speed with which it obliques, making it ideal for toning of upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Examples of Ab Chairs include:
  • Marcy Roman Chair
  • Stamina Hyper Bench
  • BodySolid Back/Hyperextention

Stability Ball

Studies show that using stability balls to tone your muscles is twice more effective than doing the same on the floor. Stability balls strengthen your core and tone the muscles in your entire body including smaller muscles that may otherwise be overlooked. Stability balls are effective for abdominal toning with exercises such as:

  • Overhead Ball Squat
  • Standing Ball Squeeze
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Balance Push-Up

Roman Chair

The Roman Chair equipment is ideal for the core muscles, dipping and diving. It strengthens and eliminates pain in the lower back which enhances your motion, balance and overall ability to exercise. Examples include:

  • CAP Strength Roman Chair
  • Soozier 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair
  • Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair
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