Factors Determining the Pricing of Sleeper Sofas

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Sleeper sofas also referred to as futon beds, are the most versatile sofas you can have in your home. They act as sofas, but they can be converted with great ease to a bed.

Using a sleeper sofa is more comfortable than sleeping on a normal sofa for the night.

Their versatility and their comfort both as couches and as beds make them a great option for many homeowners looking to accommodate guests the right way.

There are a number of factors that determine the prices of a sleeper sofa as seen below.


Vintage or Modern Design?

Sleeper sofas have been in use for a long time, and the vintage styles are still on the market. These vintage styles, most of which are made of wood, are more expensive compared to the new models which offer a wide range of functionality for the users.

The vintage designs will look good only if you are attracted to wooden and simple sleeper beds.

The newer designs are inexpensive and are designed with different materials including metal and plastic. They are also designed with a simple conversion mechanism where you can switch between the bed and the sofa with one swift move.

Vintage designs are simple with most of them using the same sitting space as the sleeping space.

Preferences and the convenience that come with each design informs your choice of sleeper sofas.

The Material

What material they are made of determines the price of the futon bed. With wood being on the high end and plastic on the lower end.

Plastic sleeper beds are uncommon with most of them being designed for kids while metal and wooden sleeper beds are the most common.

Metal and wood are more durable, but the rarity of wood makes it a little more expensive.

Besides the base material, the upholstery also determines the price of the sleeper bed with leather and faux leather being the most expensive.

Velvet and other materials are great for budget buyers. You can choose a material based on its ease to clean, its price and its softness.

Some sleeper beds will have a mixture of materials giving them the best of different styles.

Size and Overall Design

A simple sleeper sofa look like ordinary sofas only they do not have the left or the right armrest. With this design, you will have to sleep in the same spot you sit on.

This means they do not need a mattress and their designs make them relatively inexpensive.

Other sofa beds convert from a normal looking sofa to a bed completely using a simple mechanism. For these units, you have the privilege of choosing the mattress you want, and this makes them more comfortable.

This unconventional design makes the sofa sleepers more expensive but more convenient.

It goes without saying that a large sleeper sofa will be more expensive than a smaller one.

4 factors that affect the price of sleeper sofas

Buy One Today

You can consider buying between the vintage and the modern design. Apart from that, you’ll need to select the right size for your needs, which material is great and the design you fancy in the category chosen as you buy a futon bed.

Check out futoncreations.com/ for lovely designs and make your choice.

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