Maximize Your Use of Squat Racks with These Brief Guidelines

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Are you into bodybuilding? Perhaps not exactly bodybuilding but do you only want to gain and tone your muscles and in turn, lose weight?

Have been eyeing those squat racks in the gym but are afraid of starting to use them as they might hurt you or you might not execute the exercises on those racks properly?

Let us learn more about squat racks then, the proper execution of workouts utilizing them, and in which ways you can maximize their use.

Squat racks gym exercisesWhat Are Squat Racks?

Basically, squat racks which are also called power racks are a workout equipment wherein you can use weights without the need for a spotter.

With the proper setup of a squat rack and with its safety mechanisms, the risks of its utilization is very minimal.

Aside from squats with the twist of weights borne by your arms and shoulders, you can also use them for deadlift exercises, standing overhead press, barbell bent over rows and barbell lunges.

Should you grow too fond of the equipment and decide on purchasing your own so that you can perform your workouts in the comforts of your home, carefully pick which one you are going to buy. Try and check out review from muscleexperts to guide you in your shopping of a squat rack.

Squats with Squat Racks

With everything set and secure with the equipment, place the bar on the rack just right below your shoulder level then load the bar with weight plates.

You are now ready to put the bar over the back of your shoulders right below the neck. Grip the bar with your hands on either side in a tight and secure yet relaxed enough manner so as to not put so much strain and tension on your hands and arms.

While maintaining proper posture with your head looking straight ahead and you core remaining tight, start lifting the bar off the rack. Then lower the bar and back up again on the rack. Continue this set in a couple of repetitions.


Put the bar on the lowest possible placement on the rack and then load it with weight plates on either side.

Bend forward to grip the bar and then start to lower your hips. While maintaining your chest height and your head tilted a little upwards to look straight ahead, pull the weights up. It is very important to note that as the bar passed the level of the knees, you have to push your hips toward the bar while you are squeezing your rear and contracting your shoulder blades inwards.

Slowly lower the weights back down on the rack with your hips being bet again. Repeat these steps accordingly following your workout program.

Exercises for toning using squat racksBarbell Lunges

Follow the initial steps when preparing for squats. The difference will then lie in that in lunges you will have to step forward lowering your leg and maintaining the other on the back position. Step back up and repeat the same procedure using your opposite leg then. Do your repetitions as per instructions of the exercises program you are subscribed to.

With these fundamentals in mind, you are practically good to go ahead, and buff and pop those muscles in those gym squat racks.

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